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Help Save Mead Park Brick Barn Today!

Attend the Town Council meeting Wednesday night

November 14, at 7:00 PM

The Town Council will receive an ask from the NCPA to give us the key so we can start a clean-up and begin the Restoration Architectural Documents. We'd love the Town to create a committee to work with and oversee our effort.   We are ready to proceed with NCPA's credible plan to restore, adaptively re-use, and maintain the Mead Park Brick Barn under a long term lease with the Town of New Canaan.

“While utilitarian buildings such as this appear simple in design, they are important physical expressions of former life ways that allow us to connect with our past and understand the history of our local landscapes. The Mead Park Carriage Barn is particularly notable as a rare type of specialized building……. The Mead Park Carriage Barn is a key resource that marks a formerly industrial section of town….”

Jenny F. Scofield, AICP
National Register and
Architectural Survey Coordinator
State Historic Preservation Office
August 8, 2018

“The structure is individually listed on the State Register of Historic Places. The State Register of Historic Places is an official listing of properties and sites important to the historical development of Connecticut……The Connecticut Trust has worked with New Canaan Preservation Alliance to identify available sources of funding for the rehabilitation of historic structures….”

Jane Montanaro
Executive Director
Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation
August 7, 2018

“The building has a rich history; represents a significant technological period in New Canaan's, and the nation's, history; poses no obstacle to the town's use of existing resources; and has unexplored use-value to the town and its residents. Rather than demolish it, I encourage its preservation as an opportunity to utilize former industrial space for the benefit of the town and its citizens.”


Richard O'Connor, Ph.D.
Chief, Heritage Documentation Programs
National Park Service
16 November 2010

“I write to urge your careful consideration of all alternatives to the destruction of the Mead Park Standard Oil Brick Barn. Historic structures are an integral part of Connecticut's culture. It is important that every effort is made to seek ways to preserve these buildings.”



Richard Blumenthal
United States Senate
April 12, 2011


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