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New Canaan Supporters


A huge thank you to our New Canaan supporters who have signed our on-line petition and/or donated or pledged money to Save Mead Park Brick Barn...and even agreed to have their names posted!  Of course this list does not include the several hundred petition signers from the New Canaan Farmer's Market!

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... "Is the push to destroy a piece of the history of our town so imperative that this well-intentioned body should not be given the opportunity to prove itself?  In fact a restored Brick Barn is also a piece of our country’s history since they were once common to many communities while today they are rather rare. ...I support the restoration of this besieged antique and the acceptance of its historical part in the story of New Canaan."      Irene Barrack



"This structure is part of the history of our town. It is charming , albeit rundown, but it is a staple at Mead Park. Our quaint town is being built up and 'modernized'. People are offering to help refurbish and maintain this icon. Please let them. It is something I love driving by every day. Mead Park will not be the same without this structure." Elizabeth Gerritsen



  "...Sadly the Town has allowed the Brick Barn to deteriorate, such that it now has a leaking roof and broken windows. This is destruction by neglect. Yes, occupants of buildings around The Brick Barn complain that it blocks their view of the park. Well, the Brick Barn was there long before they were. The Brick Barn predates even Mead park. The large beautiful cottonwood trees behind the barn actually block out more of the park. I am grateful that New Canaan residents with vision and energy preserved the Powerhouse at Waveny, the Carriage Barn at Waveny, and the Gores Pavilion at Irwin Park, each of which was at one point unused, in disrepair, full of trash, and considered for demolition. Today they are gems of New Canaan.
The Brick Barn is a gem, an important part of New Canaan’s history." ...
Peter Hanson



"When we drove through New Canaan nearly 20 years ago we loved seeing historic buildings preserved in town.
We noted the brick barn & recognized its charm.
And knew one day the town of New Canaan would resolve to renovate it.
It is a charming structure & we know once it is renovated the entire town will embrace its aesthetics.
Please consider applying your $ 65,000 towards
the renovation of this unique & historic structure."
Stephanie and Fred Koch



 "If it can be restored, maintained and used properly, I am in favor.  Moments of history add character to a town." Cathie Pike



"I lived on Richmond Hill as a child, and my father painted a charming watercolor of the Park Maintenance Building (as it was then called), with the pond behind, frozen with skaters on it- we call it his Grandpa Moses and it was done more than 60 years ago." Cassia Ward

Cleo Abrams-Horsburgh

Felicia Alford

Sue Amis

Ginny Apy

Sara Bakker

Leslie Balkind

Robin Beckett

Taylor Benevento

Jean-Pierre Berliet

Martine Berliet

Suzie Binch

Alison Birnbaum

George Birnbaum

Robert Carpenter

Jordan Cerbone

Pamela Chin

Lesley Cousley

Starling Cousley

John Cromwell

Lea Cromwell

Emily Curry-Edwards

Timothy Davenport

Maura Delany

Kate DePetris

Mimi Dickerson

Alana DiMuzio

Nicholas DiMuzio

Larry DeVito

Karen K. Elmasry

Mary Emerson

Olivia English

Deborah Evensen

Mimi Findlay

John Fusek

Joanne Gerardi

Victoria Gerardi

Elizabeth Gerritsen

Tindley Gilbert

Alan Goldberg

Kirsten Gregorio

Michael Gregorio

Tonya Gwynn

Ninette Halpin

Lisa Hannich

Peter Hanson

Tom Hardy

Jeanne Hart

Herb Helle

Nancy Helle

Sharon Henderson

Kimberly Henrikson

Thomas Herbig

Paul Heyman

Alexander Hobbs

Gustavus Hobbs

Skip Hobbs

Jennifer Holme

Peter Hovey

Lynn Jackson Quinn

Erik Johnson

David Kirby

Daniel Kloud

Stephanie Koch

Arianne Kolb

Rachel Lampen

Patrice LaSusa

Rose-Scott Long

Natalie Louw

Betty J Lovastik

John Lowry

Maeve Lucey

Elaine MacKenzie

David Markatos

Maryjane Markey

Anne Matviak

Maureen Mayer

Breeze McMennamin

Kim McNamara

Kevin Merritt

Robin Miles

Chip Murray

Judy Norinsky

James O'Hora

Constance Old

Lisa Oral

Saadettin Oral

Joe Paladino

Diane Palmento

Joe Pascarella

Noel Pascarella

Nora Petkovich

Brian Posner

Amy Reid

Charles Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Carl Rothbart

Katherine Rothbart

Siobhan Sack

Andrea Sandor

Apurva Schwartz

Susan Serven

Ann Silvio

Debbie Simpson

Ellen Sisson

Yvette Slatoff

Guy Smith

Inga Smith

Matt Stichnoth

Neele Stichnoth

Susan Sweitzer

Luke Tashjian

Patricia Taylor

Marianne Thomas

Richard Thomas

Jack Trifero

Stephanie Tucker

Catherine Uhlein

Michaela Valente

John Walsh

Cassia Ward

Kathryn West

Lita Wickser Toland

Gina Youngman

Adaptive reuse of historic buildings is the ultimate environmentally responsible practice!


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